Hi, I'm Jay Kannaiyan.

I'm an adventurer turned software engineer with a passion for product management and data privacy.


I love exploring the world and building products and services to improve people’s lives. Along the way I've been a product design engineer, motorcycle adventurer across 37 countries, entrepreneur in the air quality space, technical product manager, full stack software engineer and now software architect at IBM. I've also recently published my first book, Riding Towards Me. On this site, you can find my musings about software, travel, and food.

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I care deeply about building community, nurturing idle time, and sharing good food. Have you heard of my chicken curry?

Latest Posts

How to make Sourdough Bread

How to make Sourdough Bread

Many years ago, when I was swamped with running a startup in Delhi, to help clear my mind, I picked up a new side project, baking sourdough bread

Book Launch: Riding Towards Me

Book Launch: Riding Towards Me

Riding Towards Me is the epic adventure story of Jay Kannaiyan who dropped everything he had in the US to ride his motorcycle back home to India by the longest possible route.

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