I'm an adventurer turned software engineer with a passion for product management and data privacy. I write elegant and maintainable code aimed at delivering efficient and high performant systems by connecting React and Redux on the frontend to PostgreSQL, MongoDB, and MySQL databases through Node.js and Express backends with RESTful, GraphQL, and WebSocket architecture, deployed via Docker containers and Jenkins using Terraform and Kubernetes on AWS, GCP, Azure, and IBM Cloud.

I love exploring the world and building products and services to improve people’s lives. My desire to create things started early in life, and has translated into creating software products and services since 2010. Along the way I've been a product design engineer, motorcycle adventurer across 37 countries, entrepreneur in the air quality space, technical product manager, full stack software engineer and now software architect at IBM. I've also recently published my first book, Riding Towards Me!

I try not to restrict myself when it comes to technology, and strive to constantly learn new things. The results of these learnings, both personally and professionally, are documented on this blog and on my other blog (primarily about motorcycle travel). I am a strong believer in the phrase "if you can't explain it in simple terms, you don't understand it well enough."

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