It’s here! Introducing Riding Towards Me, or, a search for identity on the world’s backroads.

Jay with his book, Riding Towards MeJay with his book, Riding Towards Me.

Riding Towards Me is the epic adventure story of Jay Kannaiyan who dropped everything he had in the US to ride his motorcycle back home to India by the longest possible route. The journey took him three years and three months as he rode through Latin America, Europe and Africa, finally reaching New Delhi in 2013. Jay and his motorcycle, sanDRina, encountered mechanical meltdowns, remote Mayan villages, weeks of high-altitude desert isolation, Caribbean and Atlantic voyages, humility and friendship. The book explores what it means to have an identity in today's world. Jay's go-with-the-flow attitude mixed with whatever-it-takes resolve brought him fame amongst the overland traveling community. This account of Jay’s extraordinary escapades, which almost destroyed his bike and spirit, makes for a riveting read. The book about the journey has just been published. Get your copy on Amazon.

Get it in India here and in the US here.